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Victorian Friends’ Centre



484 William Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003

Phone contacts: (613) 9329 5668 (messages only)

Floor plans:



Key to the floor plans:

1. Entrance

2. Sayce Office

3. Groom Conversation Space casual conversation areas;

’round-table’ meetings(6); internet connection points; kitchenette.

4. Clarke Library

5. Erskine Space children’s space; small meeting room; access to


6. Hirschfield Courtyard

7. Gibbons Space and Kitchen social room; ’round-table’


8. Indiana Allen Meeting Space main meeting room ( <50)

9. Miller Space smaller meeting space (can be opened up to extend

adjoining meeting)


The VFC manual is now available.  This details booking, accessing and other information for Friends and others wishing to use the Centre.

VFC Manual version 1.0