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World Quaker Day

Being a Quaker – What’s the point?
Finding stillness in turbulent times?

Please join our Quaker Week 2017 Program:

Wednesday, October 4th 12.45 – 1.15pm

‘Stillness in the City’ – a half-hour Quaker Meeting for Worship at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane 3000

Saturday, October 7th, 1.30pm

“Being a Quaker: What’s the point?’ (panel discussion)
484 William Street 3003, followed by afternoon tea and Meeting for Worship (all welcome)

You may not have heard of Quakers, but we (the Religious Society of Friends to give our full title) are an international group practising an inclusive and deeply ethical faith that has been around a long time – 365 years in fact!
Established in Britain and quickly spreading throughout the world, Australian Quakers have been gathering and worshipping together in Melbourne since 1843. There are about 2000 members and attenders in Australia.

Quaker witness for truth, peace and justice has contributed to ending slavery, improving prison conditions, conscientious objection to war service, and working towards a world free of war, violence and inequality.

Quakers worship together in silence, have no leaders (in fact no hierarchy at all) and continue to make all decisions in a ‘whole-group’ manner. This is one of the reasons they have been so successful in business, for example, Cadbury’s chocolate, Clarkes shoes etc.

Quakers believe and try to live lives that promote:
•Peace and nonviolence – we work to resolve conflict
•Equality & justice – we speak out for asylum seekers, marriage equality
•Simplicity & plain living – practicing sustainable and low impact lives
•Speaking and witnessing truth in all settings – speaking truth to power

Earlier this year, Quakers in Victoria moved into a new Meeting House, the Victorian Friends Centre (484 William Street, Melbourne), although we also have local meetings throughout the State and we warmly welcome visitors and enquirers at any Meeting for Worship.

Come and hear how we apply Quaker principles in our lives as part of our first Open Day for the general public and the annual Quaker Week celebrations. This is when Quakers worldwide celebrate each other and the ways we can share our faith and service in the world.


More information on Quakers on the web:

https://www.quakersaustralia.org.au                                   http://www.vic.quakers.org.au

You can see more about events around the world at Worldquakerday.org.