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Quakers in Victoria

We are the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Victoria Regional Meeting.  We have a centre in West Melbourne and Meetings throughout Victoria.

We are a spiritual community
Our meetings are a spiritual community where individuals who are seeking to deepen their experience of the spirit can find a source of strength, enlightenment and love. Meetings are also committed to expressing ‘faith in action’, where those who have deep concerns about the world can find support and sustenance in working towards improvements.

Our name
Our official name is ‘The Religious Society of Friends’, and we call each other Friends. The Society began in Britain in the 17th century, when it was called ‘The Religious Society of the Friends of Truth’, but we became generally known as Quakers. Although we have been around – and active – for 350 years, many people are unsure who we are and what we stand for, often confusing us with other religious groups. Worldwide, Quakers are very diverse in faith and practice.

Members & attenders
There are about a quarter of a million Quakers or members of the Society worldwide. In Australia we have around 1000 members. There are many more attenders – people who worship with us regularly but are not in membership. Attenders may apply to become members when they feel ready. We welcome enquirers and visitors to our meetings.

Each local meeting runs its own affairs with regular Business Meetings in which all members and attenders are encouraged to participate. Local meetings are part of a larger Regional Meeting, bounded roughly by state boundaries. There is an annual gathering called Yearly Meeting, which is attended by Friends from around Australia. There are also international links through the Friends World Committee for Consultation. Australian Quakers do not ordain ministers or appoint pastors, instead the responsibility for the spiritual life of the meeting and pastoral care is shared by the group. (Read more about Quakers)